In an effort to push my visualization skills, I will be participating in the #MakeoverMonday community project/challenge conceived by Andy Kriebel and Andy Cotgreave. The challenge is predictively simple, every week Andy K. will post a viz and the data set for the community to makeover. Tweeting and hashtaging will ensue.

First #MakeOverMonday Challenge (2016-05-16)

Week 20: Global Warming is Spiraling Out of Control
Monthly land temperature 20160516

Viz notes:

  • Keep it simple. I budgeted an hour to get this done and had to keep it simple.
  • Go Black. I never use black backgrounds but always wanted to so I decided I was going to try to use black. It seems simple but it changes a lot of the colors you use for marks and potential labels.
  • Mobile Friendly. With time/date I tend to think of a more horizontal line chart of sorts but this creates challenges for mobile experiences so I decided to go with vertical chart that would create more natural scrolling on a phone.
  • Play with mark shapes. I originally used circles but I was never happy with the size and spacing between years so experimented with different shapes. I ended up landing with the “sun” shape in the weather shape palette.