USA Hockey Report for 2016-17

USA Hockey released their annual membership report and naturally, I made it visual.

The rise of the Americans in the NHL

TSN posted an article yesterday on the fact that Canadians do not make up the majority of NHL players. I’ve been following this trend for a while and thought it might be a fun time to put an interactive visual together to drill into some of the specifics. Enjoy!


USA Hockey Membership Numbers

The annual USA Hockey Membership report came out today. I dug into the numbers a bit to take a look.

Steady Growth

As you can tell by the chart below, overall USA Hockey player membership is up by 13,755 members or 2.5% year over year.

Total USA Player Membership

When you break that down by state, the biggest growth is coming from one of the most unlikely locations. Arizona had the second biggest % increase year over year and the largest # of members increase with 2,469 more members during the 2014-15 year.

growth by state

Here is how the memberships break down by state.

membership by state

This might not be the best chart but I wanted to show every states growth and relevance over the years. The color represents growth and declines where the size of the line represents # of members.


Arizona Coyotes Impact

Now the Arizona increase might be a surprise to some but the Coyotes were without an ownership team for 4 years and the makeshift management team put in place my the NHL might not have been able to prioritize growing youth hockey while the league found an ownership group.


Bonus Chart – Hockey players per 1000 residents

A friend of my requested this chart so I thought I would throw it in here in case anyone else is interested.