NHL Goalies by Nationality

Earlier today I posted a chart on reddit on the changing nationality % for the NHL goalies.  As with any good charts, I got some great feedback and questions.

This was the original chart I posted.

NHLGoaliesbyNationalitySome people asked about the quality of the goalies vs. just the number of goalies that played in the league. Although quality is pretty subjective, I did offer this weighted approach by games played.


I received some feedback on wanting to see the provincial split of the Canadian Goalies.



Any other requests?


2015-15 NHL Attendance Interim Report – November

Another month in to the season and another opportunity to check in on the attendance numbers.

League Attendance

League wide attendance is relatively flat and has actually closed the drop from October. League attendance was down 1.4% at the end of October and now, through the end of November it is only down .7%.

league numbers

Similar to last month, Florida continues to drive the growth with over 45% increase year over year. With an improved product on the ice, New Jersey is starting to rebound in attendance.

year over year


Team Drilldown Report

2015-16 NHL attendance interim report

With October coming to an end, I thought it would be a good time to check in with NHL attendance. One month does not make a season as a lot of teams (and fans) are still figuring out how competitive a product they are putting on the ice. That said, there can be some early signs of how the season might go for these clubs.

NHL League Average for October

NHL League NumbersAs the table shows, average attendance is down 1.4% compared to October of last year. It is early to draw any conclusions as most of this can be chalked up to more of the lower attendance teams had more games this October than they did last October, bringing the weighted average down a bit.  As you will see in the next chart, six teams have over 5% declines year over year with Carolina and New Jersey having over 10% declines.


The bigger story of October is the growth in Florida and the steady inclines in Arizona. They absolutely had the most opportunity to improve but the growth and improvement will not happen over night. The fact that neither team made the playoffs last year makes the gains a little surprising. Florida did have an exciting March/April last year which tends to be a leading indicator of attendance. In Arizona, fans might be wanting to tune into see how the young guns in the desert can perform this year.

 Team drilldown dashboard


The McDavid Tracker

Coming from the much too early department, I introduce the Connor McDavid tracker!

The rise of the Americans in the NHL

TSN posted an article yesterday on the fact that Canadians do not make up the majority of NHL players. I’ve been following this trend for a while and thought it might be a fun time to put an interactive visual together to drill into some of the specifics. Enjoy!


Shootouts, Overtime games and 3 point games in the NHL

As the playoff races hit the home stretch, I looked into the frequency of 3 point games by month to evaluate if teams are playing conservatively in a tie game to preserve the one point on getting into OT. 

There is a lot of room for some other analysis but thought I would share some of the preliminary data and some other findings.

And since I have it, here is the % of 3 point games by Season.