A little NHL roster analysis

Inspired by James Mirtle’s article in the Athletic on Thursday. I took a little different look at the rosters. Enjoy.

Average Age of the NHL

There has been a lot of talk about the NHL getting younger as fresh faces like Connor McDavid and Austin Matthews being billed as the poster children of the new NHL. It certainly seems like the league is getting younger. I figured it was worth quantifying. Because of the Junior prospects try out period at the beginning of the season, I felt it was important to compare October rosters across seasons vs. a partial 2016-17 Season to a complete season in prior seasons.


The data shows that the average age is getting younger but probably not as much as we expected. I figured there was more to the story so I took a look at age groups over time.


As you can see the Over 30 crowd is getting smaller, down to 26% of the league from 33% in October of 2006.

Here is a quick look at how ages have trended over time by team.


Let me know if you have any questions or requests.




NHL Goalies by Nationality

Earlier today I posted a chart on reddit on the changing nationality % for the NHL goalies.  As with any good charts, I got some great feedback and questions.

This was the original chart I posted.

NHLGoaliesbyNationalitySome people asked about the quality of the goalies vs. just the number of goalies that played in the league. Although quality is pretty subjective, I did offer this weighted approach by games played.


I received some feedback on wanting to see the provincial split of the Canadian Goalies.



Any other requests?