2017 MLB Attendance Report

Here is the full year MLB attendance report. Some big gainers our of Cleveland and Atlanta.


Interim MLB Attendance Report: through May 2017 games

Below is the interim MLB Attendance Report through games played in May. League wide attendance is virtually flat, down .6% through similar time period as last year. As expected, Cleveland is riding last years World Series run right into 2017, while Atlanta opened a new facility.

Here is a team by team report to look at attendance performance over the years.

Major League Baseball Attendance 2015

Major League Baseball was relatively flat this year with a modest .2% increase year over year in average attendance.

League change over the year 20151006

Big winners this year were the Royals, Mets, Astros and Blue Jays. All four were playoff teams and with the exception of the Royals, it was the first playoff birth in quite a while.

Change by team 20151006

This is an interactive report that allows you to drill into each team. Enjoy.

MLB Attendance Interim Report: July 2015

MLB Attendance had a strong July to bounce to a positive year over year number of 1.4% through July games.


The Royals and Mariners continue to have the biggest turnarounds in the league with a 43% and 22% increase year over year. As I’ve mentioned before, this is due to the “opportunity for improvement”. The Royals and Mariners still rank 10th and 18th across the league for average attendance.

team increase decrease

Here is a look at some specific teams attendance this year:

Kansas City Royals


Seattle Mariners

Seattle Attendance report

Houston Astros


Philadelphia Phillies


Atlanta Braves


Tampa Bay Rays


Full Year MLB Attendance Report 2014 Season

Here is my full season attendance report for the 2014 Major League Baseball Season. Overall, attendance was flat year over year down only .2%.

The big gainers in attendance were the Seattle, Oakland, Milwaukee and Kansas City all of which had double digit growth. As the chart shows, Philadelphia and Texas were the lagers in the bunch.

Here is an interactive visual that you can select each Major League Baseball Team.

MLB 2014 Attendance Report:

For good measure I put in the Jeter Effect Chart:

MLB Attendance Report through July: flat year over year

(This is an updated post from something I released this morning. There was an issue with the data this morning which changed the overall numbers.)

Major League Baseball is flat year over year and down about 1% over the the previous 3 year average.

Looking at a team by team basis, roughly half the teams are down and half are up over the 3 year average.

Here is the same chart but only looking at 2013 vs. 2014 numbers.

More of the same but showcasing the long term trend of some of the teams.

Sometimes the aggregate can be a little misleading. If you look at the year over year averages, the A’s look flat year over year but the trend looks good as they have really widened the gap in the last three months that should continue down the home stretch.