NHL goal scoring up after 48 games

Last night I saw there was a lot of twitter chatter last night on 2 games with over 10 goals scored. Most people theorized that scoring was way up in the league but no one provide any data…so I looked it up.


As you can see, in comparable periods, scoring is up in the league. It is also nice to see that goal differential is actual down which means it isn’t a bunch of blowouts that are inflating the numbers. There is more scoring and the games remain tight. That said, it is way too early to draw any conclusions.

USA Hockey memberships

USA hockey just released their 2015-16 Membership report and here are three simple visuals you can use to interpret the data.

2016 Interim MLB Attendance Report

Here is a break down of attendance in Major League Baseball through the end of May.

Seattle Mariners

In spite of on the field success, the Seattle Mariners are down 10.5%. No real surprise here since there is usually a delay in on field success and increase in attendance. Teasing out the Mariners a bit more, expectations were very high last year after missing the playoffs on the final game of the Season in 2014 which led to the increase in attendance early 2015. (Select any team in the drop down menu)

Overall MLB Attendance is down slightly year over year but up over the 3 year average.
Toronto Blue Jays,  New York Mets, Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs are riding the success of last year’s playoffs to lead the league in year over year increase.