MLB Attendance report through All-Star Break

Here is a look at each team’s attendance perfromance through the 2018 All-Star Break:

If you want to take a look at how each team is doing, you can select the team you want to investigate on this report:

Games Played and Points by NHL Draft Round

I posted an image of this viz online and people had questions about other NHL draft classes…so here you go, go nuts.

USA Hockey Membership Report 2017-18

USA Hockey just released their annual membership report for 2017-18 so I updated my USA Hockey Membership Report dashboard.

A little NHL roster analysis

Inspired by James Mirtle’s article in the Athletic on Thursday. I took a little different look at the rosters. Enjoy.

2017 MLB Attendance Report

Here is the full year MLB attendance report. Some big gainers our of Cleveland and Atlanta.