2015-16 NHL attendance interim report

With October coming to an end, I thought it would be a good time to check in with NHL attendance. One month does not make a season as a lot of teams (and fans) are still figuring out how competitive a product they are putting on the ice. That said, there can be some early signs of how the season might go for these clubs.

NHL League Average for October

NHL League NumbersAs the table shows, average attendance is down 1.4% compared to October of last year. It is early to draw any conclusions as most of this can be chalked up to more of the lower attendance teams had more games this October than they did last October, bringing the weighted average down a bit.  As you will see in the next chart, six teams have over 5% declines year over year with Carolina and New Jersey having over 10% declines.


The bigger story of October is the growth in Florida and the steady inclines in Arizona. They absolutely had the most opportunity to improve but the growth and improvement will not happen over night. The fact that neither team made the playoffs last year makes the gains a little surprising. Florida did have an exciting March/April last year which tends to be a leading indicator of attendance. In Arizona, fans might be wanting to tune into see how the young guns in the desert can perform this year.

 Team drilldown dashboard


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  1. What a joke about Panthers .Nobody did any research. For the Flyers game they sold $10 tickets that every other year for opening night would be $35. Also they sold to many more brokers this year. Take a look on stubhub.com for any panthers game. Last year most games had 500 tickets This year there are well over 1200 ticket for each game. Most games despite brokers lowering prices people still do not sell and usually 500 or more tickets on still on stubhub when game starts. The fans in florida do not care about Panthers and the brokers from around the country will take a shot on a $9 upper or $25 lower.

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