Part 1: NHL Draft Historical Performance

It is NHL Draft week and that means I will be publishing a series of visuals related to the draft. Follow the page or like the 3rdLineGrind facebook page to get notified of the new posts.

Team Performance

Analyzing the success and failures of an NHL draft is difficult. It will be years before some of these kids make the NHL and measuring success can be challenging. Although not perfect, I’ve taken a stab at evaluating success over the years.


I optioned for NHL games played as a proxy for the success and excluded players drafted 2011 or later since they haven’t been given enough time to determine success. You can drill into the draft rounds and team details here.

Player Detail

To look at how the players have performed in games played and points by draft round and draft team, check out the following scatter plot. Drill into teams and rounds here.


Check back tomorrow for a new set of visuals.


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