NBA Attendance Report 2014-15

Similar to the NHL report I posted last week, I figured I would also share the NBA numbers as well. After years of relatively flat attendance, the NBA saw an increase of 2% across the league. (Note I don’t have the game by game numbers


Big gains for several teams. Atlanta improved their product on the court quite a bit and had an exciting winning streak in the middle of the season. The Hornets increase is due to making the playoffs the previous year. (Similar to Dallas Stars and Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL).


The NBA is much more volatile from Season to Season than the NHL which you can see the in the following chart. (Each blue dot represents an individual season average attendance). The larger the box plot, (aka the grey boxes) the larger the volatility.

NBA Variance

I went ahead and teased out a few franchises that are more volatile.

SeasonbySeasonThere has been a lot of requests for displaying the attendance numbers as a % of capacity. It’s coming! It is a little more complicated as capacity varies by sport and season plus I need to configure some franchises movement (thanks New Jersey/New York/Brooklyn Nets!)

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