NHL Attendance Report through February

NHL attendance continues to be strong in spite of big drops in Carolina and Florida. 2014-15 is on track to be the highest gate attendance ever (2012-13 was a lockout shortened season). Outdoor games were excluded from figures below.

No major shifts in the growth and decline numbers. Keep in mind that roughly have of all NHL teams sellout every regular season game therefore variability is only possible for half the teams. Dallas, Columbus, and Colorado are up this year due to making the playoffs last year even though they are all unlikely to make the playoffs this year.  



The Coyotes attendance is down this a bit last year but without making the playoffs in 2013-14 and a poor performing year on the ice this year, this should be expected.
The silver lining for Arizona is that the distribution and variability from game to game this season has not been as large.


Carolina and Florida

Carolina and Florida attendance is soft as both teams had some ticketing strategy changes last summer. (Less giveaways and discounts that were undercutting the value of paying customers) This was the right decision which makes it tough to compare year over year. (Side note: expect Florida’s attendance to do well with a battle to get in the playoffs and favorable attendance matchups with the Leafs playing tonight and 2 games a piece remaining with the Canadiens and Bruins.


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