NHL Attendance Report through November

In a time where baseball, football and basketball attendance is declining, reporting relativley flat attendance should be seen as a positive. Additionally, half of all NHL Teams sell out every game which greatly limits the growth potential.

Over the last 10 seasons, NHL attendance for September through November has been on the slow march up.

Here is the net winners and lagers through 2 months.

In spite of a brutal start of the season for the Columbus Blue Jackets (worst in the league on December 1st), they saw an 11% increase year over year through the first 2 months of the season. This is due in large part of an exciting playoff match up with the Pens last year. Although they lost the series, the Blue Jackets won their first ever playoff game and battled the Pens in one of the best series during the 2013-14 opening round of the playoffs.

Arizona continues to see slow and steady improvement at the gate. What is interesting to see is the consistency in the numbers when looking at the game # chart in the dashboard. 

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