2013-14 NHL National TV Schedule deconstructed

NHL and NBC released their TV Schedule today and I did some quick analysis. 

There are 104 National TV Games on the schedule. 90 of them are on NBCSN and 14 on NBC. The NBC games don’t really kick in until the NFL is done (for good reason). 

My initial narrative:

  • The normal suspects are at the top of the list: Blackhawks, Penguins and Bruins have the most games
  • Islanders and Panthers are the only US teams with no Nationally televised game. 
  • They are joined by Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg as the other teams in the league without a National game. 
  • Disappointed to see Columbus with only one game. They play and exciting bit of Hockey and could be a breakout team this year. 
  • NBC will be airing a game Super Bowl Sunday which will parlay really well since NBC also has the Super Bowl this year. 
  • Not announced but it looks like San Jose might be hosting an outdoor game on February 21st versus the Kings. That might explain this…
(Note that since I did the analysis, the NHL took the actual schedule down so I will update the data when I get it but we will go with what they first released)

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