NHL Entry Draft by the Numbers Part 4: Amateur League

It should be no surprise to anyone that Major Junior amateur leagues dominate the NHL Entry Draft but there are some other nuggets of information that might not be that obvious.

The below chart shows that OHL, WHL and QMJHL dominate the league compared to other leagues but when you look at the second chart in blue, it showcases a couple interesting stories: 1) The QMJHL under-performs compared to OHL and WHL. 2) On average, players drafted from the CCHA and WCHA do extremely well. (CCHA and WCHA have gone through some realignment over the last few years and can just be considered US Men’s Div 1 College Hockey)

Another spin on the data shows things a little better. For the chart below, I isolated the draft years to include 2001-2010 since players drafted after 2011 are still breaking into the NHL and eliminates a time bias. (i.e. only 10 players from the 2013 draft played in the NHL last year and including the 2013 draft would sku the numbers a bit.) 
Here is a list of the top WCHA and CCHA players drafted. Note there are several draft picks that have never seen NHL ice but that is consistent with a lot of players. 
….and for the heck of it since I had the data. Here is a scatter plot of number of players drafted and their games played in the NHL by CHL team. 
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