NHL Entry Draft by the Numbers Part 3: Team Performance

Do you ever wonder how well your team drafts? Sure it is easy to call out a random draft pick that fanned out here and there but what about evaluating the performance over time? I’ve got you covered with my interactive team performance dashboard. This is intended to be simple and interactive so click and explore. Because of the different roles and responsibilities of certain players on a team, I again use Games Played as a way to evaluate success. I obviously have game stats data as well and might release a game stats version later.

If the dashboard doesn’t render…go here.

NHL Team Draft PerformanceDraft Years: 1998 - 2010              Game Stats: 1997 - 2014

I only use draft years up to 2010 but game stats of 2014. This was due to a lot of the players drafted after 2010 have not gotten a chance to play many years in the NHL and therefore would skew the stats. To keep it simple, goalies are excluded from the data set.

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