NHL Entry Draft by the Numbers Part 1: Probability Playing in the NHL

With the Stanley Cup Playoffs a distant memory, us hockey fanatics look to the NHL Entry Draft to fill the void. Like most professional sports amateur drafts, getting drafted gives players no guarantees on making the show. If you look across 10 year from 1999 to 2008, 56.5% of players drafted will never play a game in the NHL with about 25% of the kids drafted playing in over 100 games.

As expected, the earlier rounds have more success reaching the NHL than the later rounds. Here is a look at the same chart with looking at only the 1st three rounds of draft picks.

And completing the picture…isolating on the 1st round picks only.

Only the 2003 had 100% of their 1st Round Draft picks play in the NHL.

Tomorrow I post what to expect of the players by round.

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