Stanley Cup rosters by birthplace..

Quickly put this thing together for the playoffs…let me know if you have questions.


Country Level:

  • 53% of all playoff players are Canadian & 23% are Americans
  • The most Canadian team is the Leafs with 68%
  • The second most Canadian team is Boston with 65%
  • The Minnesota Wild were the most American team in the playoffs at 31% followed tightly by the Sharks with 30%
  • The most Swedish team is by far and away the Red Wings (30%) with Chicago being the second most Swedish 19%
  • Only two teams don’t have a Swed on the roster: LA Kings and Montreal Canadians
  • The least Canadian team is the Detroit Red Wings with 37%
  • The least American team is Boston 4%
  • Anaheim had 4 Fins on the roster

State and providence level:

  • Of the 247 Canadians on playoff rosters, 104 come from the land of Ontario (42% of Canadian Playoff Players)  
  • Alberta is the second biggest pipeline from Canada with 34 skaters
  • In the US, Minnesota has the most skaters with 28 or 26% of the US skaters
  • California has 7 guys in the playoffs…just as much as Wisconsin
  • New York had the second most in the US with 16 skaters

Here is a look of country demographic by team….

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