Deep dive into Phoenix 2013 Attendance

I received a lot of feedback and questions on my last post on NHL attendance year over year. Several of the questions were around the Phoenix Coyotes attendance and comparing those to like months since there is conventional wisdom that Phoenix does well later in the year due to snowbirds coming down for the Winter. I went ahead and looked at the average attendance for the Coyotes by month.

As you might be able to see, there is a snowbird effect as Phoenix sees a 30% increase in Attendance for February games over October games. I also looked at how this compares with basic league increase for teams that have Attendance Volatility (teams that don’t sell out every game). For these teams they only see a 6 to 7% increase from October to February. So that starts to explain why the Coyotes attendance is so much higher this year through the end of February games when looking at the first 13 games (in October for 2011-12 season vs. the 2013 season).

Double clicking one more time I looked at the 13 games after January 19th over the last three seasons. I didn’t like how the graphs looked so thought I would just display the table:

This starts to tell a little more concerning story as three games under 10,000 while there was only one in each of the last two seasons. Attendance is essentially flat year over year and off of the 2010-11 season. I will continue to monitor these numbers and unfortunately they are not as rosy as originally reported.

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